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Not That Bad

Audiobook CD - 2018
Cultural critic and bestselling author Roxane Gay presents a collection of essays that explore what it means to live in a world where women are frequently belittled and harassed due to their gender, and offers a call to arms insisting that "not...
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Douglass's autobiography traces his birth into slavery, his escape to the North and the beginnings of the career that was to make him the preeminent spokesman for his people.
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Jun 20 2019
"This is about as depressing and heartbreaking as you'd expect, but certainly an important read (listen). The audiobook narrator did an excellent job, though his injection of practical disbelief made it all the sadder." Permalink
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Shows how to navigate difficult terrain with clear vision and tools in order to uncover the "true self" and examines the fundamental issues of being, providing help on the path of spiritual maturity and awakening.
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