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JCLJoshN created a list Nov 07 2019
Genre Guide

Origins of Superheroes

"Most people know how Clark Kent became Superman, how Bruce Wayne became Batman, how Princess Diana became Wonder Woman, how Steve Rogers became Captain America. But what about how comic books started, how superheroes first came about, and how they..."
JCLJoshN made a comment Aug 22 2019
"This Art Deco fantasy is delightful and delicious, dark but not dreary or dreamless. I immediately got drunk on the deliriously poetic prose and debonair but detailed worldbuilding. Definitely not dusty or dull as dishwater, this story is a diamon..." Permalink
JCLJoshN rated a title Aug 22 2019
JCLJoshN made a comment Aug 08 2019
"I was expecting a story about time travel gone wrong and an ode to the earlier 20th century's optimistic vision of the future, and I got that, but I wasn't expecting such a funny and poignant examination of how we live with the choices we make in ..." Permalink
JCLJoshN rated a title Aug 08 2019
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