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"Characters: 8/10 Plot: 8/10 Writing: 9/10 I adore Marissa Meyer. I adore superheroes. But I struggled a little to enjoy this as much as I felt I should have. I think both main characters were well-developed. What was hard for me to enjoy was th..." Permalink
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"Although Meyer is certainly a talented author, she weaves a story that begins utterly boring and pointless. And although the ending was exciting, most of the book was just a maze of forgettable characters and secondhand plot lines. Perhaps I was r..." Permalink
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As she nears her goal of avenging the Renegades, who overthrew the villains to establish order from ruin, Nova grows close to justice-seeking Renegade Adrian, but her allegiance to the villains could destroy them both.
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Aug 14 2018
Ready Player One
DVD - 2018
"Lots of fantasy action. Enjoyable. Wonder how the book compares." Permalink
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