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A match made in heaven?? Or hell? Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s really going on behind closed doors...

Realtor Millicent and her tennis pro husband have been married for many years. Sometimes marriages can bring out the best in people, and sometimes the opposite can be true. In this case, it’s definitely the opposite. Boredom and complacency have inspired a very alternative lifestyle. By contrast, these two are both very hands on and loving parents to their two just what is going on here exactly?

As we learn more about Millicent and her husband - how they met, their childhoods and current friends - we learn more about their motivations for today. Do like minded people seek each other out? Or has one person in this couple just become a very bad influence on the other...only time will tell!

Pros: Some super fun, dark scenes play out in My Lovely Wife, and the ending was great!

Cons: For a thriller, I found parts of it quite slow moving.

YES or NO: It’s a dark and thrilling YES - this is a great, unpredictable thriller!

4 Stars

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