Stand Firm
Stand Firm Resisting the Self-improvement Craze By Brinkman, Svend Book - 2017

If you've been busy attempting to know yourself, improve yourself, get in touch with your feelings, and realize your potential, but still fell stressed and dissatisfied in our "accelerating culture", perhaps you need a touch of stoicism. Brinkmann, a Danish psychologist, challenges popular thinking, and suggests ways in which one might benefit from some self-sacrifice, self-denial, and looking outward rather than inward. He argues that many trends that were valuable in the sixties and seventies have gone too far, being co-opted by corporations and billionaires to the detriment of the rest of us. He acknowledges that his writing a self-help book about "resisting the self-help craze" is a contradiction. However, he approaches his subject with intelligence and humour -- no one is required to do the exercises.

Any reader willing to approach Stand Firm with an open mind will find a great deal to think about, but no simple answers.

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