An actor's revenge
An actor's revenge Yukinojō henge DVD - 2018 | Japanese

Three bad guys conpired to ruin a wealthy merchant family.
This caused the suicide of seven-year-old Yukinojo’s mother and father.
Kikunojo Nakamura, the actor-manager of an Osaka kabuki troupe, adopted Yukinojo, who grows up a male actor who plays female roles and revenges those three bud guys.
This film is a remake of the 1935 film of the same title, which also starred Kazuo Hasegawa.
The 1963 remake was Hasegawa's 300th role as a film actor.
Yukinojo brings about their deaths.
Having achieved his goal and apparently overcome by the death of an innocent beautiful woman, Yukinojo retires from the stage and disappears.
The events are coolly observed and sardonically commented on by the Robin-Hood-like thief Yamitaro, also played by Hasegawa.
All the incidents happened during the mid 1830s in Edo---the present-day Tokyo.
It appears quite interesting that Yukinojo uses his stage-craft to terrify his enemies by creating the illusion of a ghost, though he uses no supernatural power.

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