An actor's revenge
An actor's revenge Yukinojō henge DVD - 2018 | Japanese

Produced by Masaichi Nagata
The 300th film of the actor Kazuo Hasegawa
Based on the novel by Otokichi Mikami
Do you see them, father? They drove you to your death. ... Your enemies, and mother's ...I have thought of them for twenty years. Now I see them for the first time. Now I shall always recognize those faces, even in darkness. No matter how difficult it may be... I will avenge you both.
That Yukinojo is creepy - he's neither man nor woman.
He thinks an actor is some sort of prostitute. He thinks he can purchase me
to beguile a lady for him. He is the embodiment of vulgarity.
My illness began when first I saw you.
-Your words sound very sweet to me. I am a simple man and apt to believe
what you say.
I beg you not to mock me. I have cast aside modesty, reputation, pride.
-Dreams are superficial. I know now that there is a daytime love deeper than the love of night.

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