Early on in the book (and her journey), Patricia A. Klink gives the reader a hint at the motive behind why she is walking and what the Camino means to her. “Each of us had our reason for walking, our sense of purpose, our fears, dreams, and support. In spite of my walking on my own I was never alone in the act of walking. Across the ages – now and forever – as long as there was a Camino, we would walk and learn about ourselves and our way of being in the world.” Along the way, she mentions a goal of her walk is spiritual enlightenment.
While Patricia A. Klinck does take the reader on a fantastic 800 km journey from St. Jean-Pied-de-Port, France to Santiago, Spain, she neglects to really reflect on her journey. The reader is left with a sense of emptiness, wanting more introspection and reflection of her physical, emotional and spiritual journey. The reader never gets the full circle of self-analysis the book promises.
Patricia A. Klinck does do a superb job of conveying honest human interaction with people who are essentially strangers; strangers with a common goal and with very little time to interact.
Readers who enjoy travel memoirs will enjoy Each Step is the Journey.
-- Tofts Reviews

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