Afterlife Season 2 DVD - 2014

Afterlife is a British BBC series about a medium named Alison Munday and her psychologist "friend" Robert Bridge. In season 1, Robert meets Alison under the guise of wanting to write a scholarly book about her life and what she does. What he's really doing is trying to prove she's a fake. By the end of the season he finally comes to realize she is a true medium, but it's a painful journey getting there. In season 2, Robert learns he has a brain tumor and spends the season trying to come to terms with the end of his life, while Alison has a complete mental breakdown and turns OCD. The first season was mediocre. Both of the main actors overact considerably. The constant temper tantrums by the actress who plays Alison grated on my nerves by the third episode. So did her overabundance of mascara and makeup (five coats of mascara should be illegal). The second season is even worse. There are many episodes which take place in claustrophobic surroundings and deal only with the two main characters. It also has a lot of Robert's ex-wife in it, who is irritating. She left Robert when he couldn't deal with the death of their son Josh and married an older man and immediately became pregnant. By season 2 her new husband has left her for a younger woman (in her 20s) and wants nothing to do with her or their baby, so Robert moves right in. I found that kind of gross. There's also an episode about an incestuous family and a brother who is haunting his sister because she stopped having sex with him. Again, gross. And there's one where the ghost kills a baby. I guess I don't get British viewers.

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