A satisfying conclusion to the Irish Trilogy, this one being Darcy's story.

Although unsurprisingly predictable (who didn't call Darcy's match in book 1 when the idea of the theater was originally mentioned?), I liked that Darcy and Trevor began with an acknowledgement of their mutual attraction rather than dance around it. Despite this, there was enough interest and tension to match the other installments in the trilogy. The weak point for me was what seemed to be an unnecessary obtuseness regarding the part about them actually falling in love (and a bit confusing - there were times I had a hard time following Darcy's train of thought); I also didn't like how Trevor seemed to suddenly lapse into the I-know-everything He-man type towards the end despite an ability to read Darcy and everything around her perfectly up until that point. (Although his botched handling of everything at the very end came off quite believably -- and humorously -- I have to say.) Oh, and Carrick was just too cheesy for my taste, though Gwen hit the perfect note.

But I have no problem overlooking the weaknesses for what was, once again, an enjoyable and reliable HEA with wonderful characters and, a Nora Roberts specialty, an incredible sense of family. This is going on my seek-out-to-own list.

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