The Creativity Cure
The Creativity Cure A Do-it-yourself Prescription for Happiness By Barron, Carrie Book - 2012

There are many books on the topic of CREATIVITY, but few are a wealth of experienced, insightful information and focused on practical coaching. This is one of the very best because it keeps the wordiness to a minimum, the practical real-world relevance to a maximum, and is very well organized for the benefit of the reader who wants 1) specific things to do, to get creativity going steadily and successfully, 2) an understanding of how important creativity is to so many aspects of personal, social and cultural activity, 3) how to avoid and get past any obstacles and limitations to creativity (a very common topic, but that doesn't mean it's a serious barrier to creativity, it just takes a conscious review of what's going on and then to apply yourself in certain ways). It also quotes very important sources occasionally, that apply to helping us appreciate the contextual or situational conditions we're in, have been through, may deal with and want to create for ourselves, and history has a lot to teach us. So also, does the ongoing research into how the brain works, what's going on in the world, how people communicate, interact, how to involve creativity in how thinking is applied to any situation, and also how to expand one's perspective and active sense of humour. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! I'm making lots of notes so I don't have to take this book out again shortly.

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