How to Run the World
How to Run the World Charting A Course to the Next Renaissance By Khanna, Parag Book - 2011

The book is premised on his take on the world that asserts that it is hyper-connectedly hyper-complex (or some such similar term), and neo-medieval (many little jurisdictions, each with some sort, and only to a very limited degree, of legitimacy and autonomy). After that outlined in the first thirty pages or so, the rest of the book is an enthusiastic run through of a wide array of the organizations that can - and are - being used (or just in the process of getting started) to help sort out major problems and govern the world. There is a distinct distaste for traditional development programs and organizations (highly bureaurocratic and ineffectual), and a favorable view of businesses that are not merely there for the money, but to get specific things done, make specific things better and do so fairly (or at least more fairer than currently). Very few notes, but long bibliography.

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